Home Radio Studio Tour

My home studio tour! Take a quick sneak peek inside my home broadcast studio.

Welcome to the ‘man cave’ as my wife calls it. It’s my bunker, my escape, my happy place! Really it’s a home office but I call it ‘the studio.’ Here is where I record voiceovers for various media projects, produce pre-recorded radio shows and live broadcasts across multiple platforms, such as radio station Reach OnAir and Mixcloud.

Like any creative space the configuration and content is constantly changing, as new projects and ideas evolve and equipment is upgraded, when budgets allow. However there is very few broadcast or production scenarios that this space can’t handle. Gone are the days of professional audio studios costing tens of thousands of pounds. We now have a flourishing home studio market that can kit out your own studio space for a more modest investment.

In this video I take you on a whistle stop tour of my home studio. Don’t worry we won’t get too involved in the tech and detail, I’ll save that for future videos. This is a brief overview of what my home studio consists of and the audio chain for live broadcasting.

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