What is Reach OnAir?

What is Reach OnAir and why did I decide to present a radio programme on this platform?

Essentially Reach OnAir is an internet radio station, but it’s not a new addition to the airwaves! Reach has actually been broadcasting for 13 years plus, even before internet radio was a mainstream listening option.

The best way that I can describe Reach is this; A radio station for anyone to book a slot and present a show. There is no music policy, presenter style or content format that needs to be followed. As long as you’re not offensive your show is completely down to your own creativity. Oh and there’s a free basic account to get you started on the way to radio stardom.

I should also state that this isn’t a paid promotion, and I’m in no way connected with the management of Reach. I do however pay for a premium account to ensure a regular show booking.

I found Reach whilst trawling through social media, a fellow presenter was advertising that he was about to hit the airwaves with his show. I listened in and discovered an interesting radio project that I just had to get involved in.

Reach’s schedule is made up from independent radio shows all being broadcast from home studios from across the Reach community. Technically the station is very advanced, you won’t notice the crossover between studios, with a mostly consistent sound quality from show to show.

There’s loads of support for DJ’s to be able to connect their home studios to the station, with instructional videos and free software downloads. The DJ community itself is a very supportive one, with a dedicated Facebook group for presenters to ask questions and share ideas. I was delighted to receive ‘welcome to the Reach family’ texts

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